Making money is cool. Very cool. But the fact is that you can't take it with you. As we live in the Information Age we must learn new skills AND take advantage of new technologies to maximize our productivity.

We're not working at the car factory any more.

First let me say this very clearly. I am NOT your Mother nor am I trying to put any guilt trips on you. But here's a FACT. You will work better and achieve your goals faster if you are healthy and maintain that health. Not preaching, just practical. There are some simple things you can do to improve yourself or to PREVENT losing your good health. And hey, if you are in your 20's and think you are indestructible, look around at the 40 or 50 somethings. You're heading there too.

The first thing we can do is TAKE BREAKS from the computer. The Net is 24/7, you don't HAVE to be. If you find yourself saying I'll catch up on my sleep on the weekends you're kidding yourself. Walk away for a few minutes every hour or so. Good break habits today mean you can do more work tomorrow, whatever your work might be, and make more money.

The second thing is to avoid caffeine ADDICTION. The fact is that many of us use caffeine as a little pick me up and that's OK from time to time. But when it becomes a lifestyle, WATCH OUT. Caffeine does lots of nasty things to your body if you get too much of it. Just use common sense and you should be good to go.

Third, use antioxidants. The world is changing every day. And the only advancements in TECHNOLOGY have not been in the microchip! We now produce more potent vitamins and minerals than ever AND we know a lot more about what our bodies need. And I'm not talking about swallowing 100 pills a day either. Don't live in a PIII world and take a 286 vitamin.

Fourth and last, we can do some moderate exercise. Yeah, I hear the boos. But hey, walk away from the keyboard once in a while and past the soda machine. There's a world out there. Get into it. Do something that you enjoy and is good for you. Your waist size is not the only measure of good health. Fitness counts too.

If you are in great shape now .... EXCELLENT! Make sure to review what you are doing from time to time and stay up to speed on what's happening now. If you need to improve that's no problem. Start where you can and in no time your productivity and clear thinking will amaze you. GO FOR THE GOLD in your careerComputer Technology Articles, just make sure you can enjoy what you earn.

Author: Paul Bilek
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