Catalytic Foam Recycling Grants Program Looking for Nice Ring

After the mayor announced that the city of New York City Billde Blasio disable expanded polystyrene (EPS) containers and packing boxes, foam recycling Union (Foam Recycling Coalition) developed a new grant program, intended for the collection of foam products, processing and marketing provide marketing funds and other infrastructure. The main target of the project is aimed at food packaging (cups, plates, bowls, cafeteria) and protective packaging (mainly for transportation of electronic products and fragile).

The league is looking for residential curbside recycling, recycling centers and commercial recycling in order to reduce applicants. Further field of materials recovery facilities can also apply for funding, especially to increase or enhance the people who want to start Styrofoam project. The public sector and the private sector can apply for the grant, and the grant amount is expected at $ 15000-50000 range, depending on equipment needs.

Food Packaging Association President Lynn Dyer said: "With the growing demand for end-market bubble and foam equipment and process improvements, the grant program will be a catalyst for the recovery of the housing bubble."

Foam Recycling Alliance was founded last year, mainly for the foam food packaging recycling. The main members include: Shell Chemicals, USA polystyrene, CKF Company, and Hawaii foam products company. Moreover, Union also affected the industrial alliance EPS support.

Applicants will be required in the March 16, 2015 submissionFree Web Content, the recipient will be announced April 30.

Author: Tina Zhang
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