Exploring the Delightful French Region of Provence

Hostels in France’s Provence are popular among those wanting a budget friendly accommodation choice. Find out more about Provence here.

Any of the excellent youth hostels in France make for excellent budget accommodation options when travelling around the country. There are plenty of hostels in France to choose from, located in the cities, towns and even further out into the rural countryside.

Provence is one of the most beautiful regions of France and, if you are planning a visit, an ideal way to explore the wider area is to stay in one of the region’s superb hostels. In France’s Provencal region, once a playground for the Romans whose amphitheatres and arenas are still evident, there is a huge range of fascinating places to visit and gorgeous countryside to explore.

Introducing Provence
This region remains wholeheartedly true to its roots; although tourists are numerous, the people of the area cling steadfastly to their Provencal traditions and proud heritage. Villages still thrive due to agriculture, and the local families rely on the land and each other today as much as they ever did.

After Paris, this region is the most visited in the country. It is famous for its stunning landscape, mild climate, lavender fields, olive trees and wine producers. But even beyond that, the towns and villages boast incredible medieval architecture, stunning fortified castles and beautiful hilltop centres, which all add to the charm of the region. Over the years the region has caught the eye of many an artist, including Cezanne and Matisse, and writers such as Pagnol and Dauder. The painted colours and sublime light that dances over the landscape truly sets it apart from any other.

When you think of Provence you think of the glamorous Riviera, and indeed the region has a vibrant culture with a certain sophisticated edge. You only need to head into any of the Provencal towns to get a taste of the local ambience. Make sure you visit the famous markets where the local producers sell their food, wine and crafts. One of the best is St Remy de Provence, which takes place on Wednesdays. You will be invited to sample delicious cheeses, herbs, fruits and vegetables, along with oils and other local specialities.

In Montpellier and the stunning marshy area of the Camargue, the famous local white horses can be seen herding the black bulls among the rice fields. The riders have an air of the cowboy, and seeing them galloping majestically across the marshes is a spectacular sight. Wild and wonderful, the Camargue offers a complete contrast to the rest of the region.

If you are staying in Provence, you won't be disappointed if you choose to stay in any of the hostels. In France (including Provence), hostel accommodation is far more than just a roof over your head - you will have access to a host of local information and expertise. Visit the gorgeous cities of Arles and Avignon, go wine tasting, take a cookery lessonHealth Fitness Articles, or embark on a scenic drive through the lavender fields of the Cote du Rhone and you are bound to fall in love with this stunning part of the country.

Author:Lisa Jeeves
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