Find Best Value Compatible HP 364 Ink Cartridges in Cork

Find great range of compatible ink cartridges for your HP364 printer in cork and get savings on printing with bundle deals and low cost next day delivery.

HP recently brought out a great range of printers that use low cost compatible HP 364 ink. The range of printers extends to over 50 models and these cartridges are easily obtained in any good ink shop in Cork. Because the more recent of these printers contain software that will enable the printer to read only the newest of the HP ink cartridges it’s best to make sure the cartridges you buy are second generation. It’s rumoured that HP changed the software in some of its newer printers in an attempt to prevent the use of the compatible range of printer ink in Cork (well lets face it, not just Cork, UK and Ireland in general). The older ink cartridges that were designed for the early printer models will not work the newer printer models. If you seek advice from your local ink shop in Cork or contact your online supplier they will advise if the cartridges they are selling are first or second generation and if they will work with your printer.

Unusually for HP, the ink cartridges come in four colours instead of two. The black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges are all replaceable individually and this will certainly prove more cost effective. The HP364 cartridges also come in and XL version that are high capacity with over 750 pages for the colour as opposed to the 300 pages available form the standard cartridge. There are many good options for the compatible version of these HP cartridges will great online bundle deals offering free cartridges and low cost next day delivery. Original brand printer ink in Cork has become very expensive and many people are making the switch to the compatible version in an effort to make some savings on their printing. These savings apply to printers in the home and in the office and are available in laser toner as well as inkjet cartridges.

Another feature of the HP 364 cartridge is that it carries no print head. The print head is located in the printer and this in effect means the cost of the cartridge is drastically reduced and easier to replicate as a compatible. The majority of the HP printers have the print head located in the cartridge which means every time you change the cartridge print head. While this may give superior print quality it also makes the cost of the cartridge expensive. HP has made a step in the right direction offering the HP364 ink cartridge and any ink shop in Cork that stocks the compatible version of the cartridge is surely on to a winner.

Author: Paul Johnston
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