Get PNR Status on Mobile within A Few Minutes via SMS

Now Indian railway passengers can check their PNR Status on mobile via SMS, check out the article to know how to check PNR status?

The journey through railway provides a different experience. If one has to go to a destination which is farther away, then Indian Railways is the best available option. It has a huge network that can help one to reach at any corner of the country. It has many fantastic services and features also which help people to have booking easily and travel. However, it is only since few years when all these changes are implemented by the Indian Railways. Previously situation was not at all good. There were many people who did not prefer to travel with the coaches with stinking washrooms and always late running trains.

The Services -
With the development of competition, the Indian Railways has also improved its services. There are no more stinking coaches, and the compartments are in hygienic conditions. It has launched different services to avail the booking facility to travelers and a number of applications that can help one to know about the current situation the train. The website of Indian Railways is continuously updated to provide accurate information to the visitors.

The PNR Service -
This is a feature that has got an enormous response from the travelers, as well as society as a whole. The PNR stands for Personal name record and contains information such as name of the passenger, age, sex, contact number, seat, and coach. There are different ways to check the PNR status on or before the journey. One can check the PNR status on mobile too.

However, there are different ways to check on mobile also. If the Mobile is a Smartphone, one needs to have an internet connection and access the application of IRCTC. The application needs to enter the PNR number which is a ten digit system generated unique number. As soon as the number is punched, all the information related to the concerned PNR is reflected on the mobile screen. Same way it can be checked on the computer which also needs to have an internet connection. It shows the status of one’s ticket whether it is confirmed, cancelled, in waiting list or RAC. It can be checked through PNR status SMS also.

The Utility -
With the help of available PNR details, one can check the situation of his ticket, and if it is not available, one can make alternate arrangements. While every communication with the Department of Railways also, one needs to have PNR number. The number is useful only during or before the journey and once the journey is over, it is entirely useless. However, it remains stored on the server for future record reference. One can also order food during the trip with the help of the PNR number. HenceFree Articles, the PNR number is much useful in different situations.

The services such as PNR and other have completely changed the service level of the Indian Railways. There are many people now for whom the railways are the most preferred mode of transportation irrespective of the destination distance.

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