How to Make a Great First Impression When Selling Your Home: Four Effective Ways You Can Do

When selling anything - big or small, pricey or not, first impressions are the make-or-break of a possible sale. What more in selling a home. What potential buyers think of a home matters…BIG time.

Attracting buyers is about creating a visually appealing property. Even in a market where homes are selling fast and at full asking prices, it is still paramount to prepare your home to make it worthy of a sale and at optimum price.

Here are four effective ways you can do to make a good first impression:

1. Make your home exterior extra appealing
The part leading up to your front door should be inviting. The view of the house should be attractive enough to entice a prospective buyer to go in and explore the house some more.
Don’t overlook mowing your lawn and keeping your driveway in good condition. Tidy up your front landscaping, as well.
Here are easy steps for making sure the exterior is in tip-top shape:
  • Store toys, bicycles and scooters away from sight
  • Make your windows sparkly clean, easily noticeable even from the outside
  • Make sure address numbers are polished. If these are dated, you can replace them so as not to be an eye sore. Dusty or rusted address numbers definitely do NOT look good
  • Fresh paint will make a difference for your front door, garage door and gutters
  • Look up and check your roof too. Does it need any repairs or improvement.
2. Make the necessary repairs for your home
Speaking of repairs, do something about anything in your home that is broken, damaged, not quite right or something that simply needs a make-over.
Check your cabinet doors that they close properly; faucets do not drip; sinks do not leak; doors do not squeak, and so on.
Remember, you want the buyers to see your home as stress-free, problem-free and yes, even maintenance-free for a while. Invest in time and money to ensure that everything in your home is in the best condition possible.

3. Spruce up your home’s interior
Wowing your potential homebuyers does not stop at your home’s exterior. Continue to make a great impression as they make their way inside.
Housekeeping Tips:
  • Clear any clutter - put excess furniture in storage, keep kitchen and bathroom countertops as clear as possible, organize contents in your closets and shelves.
  • Collections, family photos and other knickknacks should be stored at least for the time being while showings are ongoing. You would want prospective home buyers to see themselves actually living in your home. Make your place as neutral as possible.
  • Clean, clean, clean! Dust off your home from top to bottom, inside out. Mind the window blinds and curtains to let the light in, wash away smudges and stains from the walls and floors; wipe off dust or dirt from appliances, furniture and decors. Remove ash from the fireplace and give your carpets (if you have any) a good cleaning.
The aesthetics of your interior can help seal a sale. If a buyer feels good being in your home by what they see, then there is a good chance that they would want to live in your home. Make the ambiance inviting and cozy, and create a space that is not only nice to be in but also attractive to look at.

4. Work on the evening appearance
Double-back to the exterior and interior at dusk to see how your home looks (and feels) like in the evening. Those lighting can do wonders for the beauty of your home - lighting can enhance and highlight.
The walkway should be well-lit and the home address clearly visible. Similarly, the interior should also be well-lit. No one wants to be in a dimly lit home that looks sad and lifeless. You can work with key accents, such as scented candles, chandeliers and lamps.
Source: Times.

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Author: Lisa Blake
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