How To Manage Your Business Up For Sale

If you are interested in selling your business, start  getting the word out early. Let your management and
marketing savvy be known.

In fact, many businesses are started for the sole purpose  of growing it to sell for a handsome profit.

As you grow your business form an Advisory Board (your team). Select other business owners or retired executives with  experience in your field. Use their expertise to help develop and implement your business plan. Formal board meetings are not necessary as you can consult with each board member on an individual basis.

Public companies publish annual reports for shareholders  and other interested parties. Private enterprises can do  likewise.

Compile a database of business owners and executives who might be interested in your research and developments (R&D).

Follow that old clicheFree Reprint Articles, 'If you got it...flaunt it!'

Publicize long range goals and profit forecasts.

- Create sponsorship programs.

- Support community goodwill functions and
invite news reporters.

- Join business association and network.

There`s always companies out there looking to acquire other  profitable enterprises. One or more may be interest in buying  your business long before you put out the 'Business For Sell' sign.

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