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Ever since I published the article on "Are you ready for wireless revolution " (, I received huge response from readers telling how great the article it is. I wish to express my gratitude for all these positive responses.

Are you still wondering how you can take the first step to get started in making your site wireless ? Do you wish keep updated with latest development in wireless industry ?
In this article, I will make several recommendations that will help you to get going immediately.

Here are few more sites that you can visit for information on wireless:

* (
* (
* DotWAP (

You could try to join the following discussion groups if you need help and have your questions answered while you are building your wireless site.

·Eurowireless (
·eMobiNet! Community (htt://
·WAP Group (

To keep yourself updated with latest development in wireless industry, go subscribe the following daily newsletters which email you the daily wireless news updates:

* (
* AnyWhereYouGo (
* (
* ( )

And if you want to invest in or send your staffs to wireless training, try these sites for additional information:

* Institute for Wireless Education (
* Basser Associates (

Of course, you can purchase several related books and learn the essential skills to develop your wireless sites on your own. Here are my favorite books:

* "Designing wireless information service" by John Hjelm
* "A Manager Guide to Wireless Telecommunications" by Ron Schneiderman
* " The Comphrensive Guide to Wireless Resources " by Lawrence Harte
* " Programming with Wireless Application Protocol:-Complete Developer Guide " by Sandeep Singhal

If you wish to know more about wireless and other related mattersFeature Articles, you can check out at eMobiNet! ( ) for additional resources. New links are added on a continual basis.

Author: Richard Hsu
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