Singapore Math: Making It Fun for Students

Math is an essential tool for learning. However difficult Math seems to be for children, studying Math in school or at home can be fun and exciting for students.

What is Singapore Math?
Singapore Math is the curriculum and approach developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education. As per the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), Singapore has consistently earned top rank worldwide since 1995 in terms of students learning from their Math and Science curriculum.

How can instructors make learning math engaging for all?
Conducive environment. An environment that sparks curiosity is necessary in learning Math. Students are more likely to understand lessons in math better in an engaging atmosphere.
Provide feedback. Not only should math be prescriptive and informative, it should also be constructive. Constructive criticism promotes math literacy.

Various learning approach. The subject must teach students how to answer mathematical problems using various visual, verbal, and written strategies.

Math is everywhere. Instilling this concept at a young age can make for a math wizard. Students can incorporate the subject to their hobbies and held enrich everyday activities like chores, sports, and arts and designs.

VCIS and Singapore Math
To encourage creative math learning, we at Victory Christian International School (VCIS) employ the Singapore Math Circles™ program designed and developed by Dr. Yeap Ban Har, the foremost Singapore Math expert.

Singapore Math Circles™ focuses on developing critical thinking skills by exploring and explaining the ideas behind the different mathematical concepts. At the same timePsychology Articles, students are guided to build on these concepts and apply them in new challenges. Such is not commonly practiced in traditional schools.

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