The advantages of auto mandrel pipe mill

In recent years, the requirement on medium diameter seamless steel pipe (OD 7 "~ 16") is higher and higher, the pipe for natural gas powered cars with inflatable container device do ultra thin wall, while the pipe for high temperature and high pressure boiler tube box is required to do super thick wall steel pipe. Therefore, in order to meet these needs, high productivity of mannesmann auto mandrel pipe mill are put into use.

In regard to the development of thin-walled steel pipe production technology, one of the problem of automatic mannesmann mandrel pipe mill production for thin-wall steel tube is that it’s quite hard to produce within the required wall thickness accuracy, because it often requires rolling back end wall thickness 0.3 ~ 0.5 mm less than rolling at the front of the wall thickness.

As we all know, in the process of the automatic rolling mill, due to thermal expansion of the mandrel, thin wall appears at the back-end of the steel tube. For this, JFE steel company developed the technology by making plug mill with functions of APC (position automatic control) under pressure to solve the problem. After using this technology, longitudinal uniform wall thickness, steel tube wall thickness accuracy increased four times.

In terms of the development of thick wall steel pipe production technology, previously omitted plug mill rolling tube when rolling thick wall steel pipe.

Because only with oblique mill rolling, compared with the ordinary rolling using plug mill, the seamless steel pipe inner surface is rough with large eccentricity.

Therefore JFE steel company developed the process can be applied to automatic pipe mill rolling, as a result, the steel pipe inner surface roughness can be improved about a quarter of the steel tube and wall thickness accuracy is improved by 40%.

By taking the development of technologyFind Article, JFE steel companies have been able to manufacture thin wall and thick wall seamless steel pipe used to be difficult to produce by the mannesmann auto mandrel pipe mill.

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