Web Pages Every Business Website Should Have

A website should have a proper structure to attract visitors and convert them into potential consumers. If you need any help with designing your business site then hire a web design Gold Coast based company that can deliver favourable results.

This article will help you to identify pages that are considered important in forming a website structure. Hire a web design Gold Coast based company that can help you to understand the basic structure of a website and how to make it look attractive & user friendly.

  • Homepage
First page a website must have is a good homepage that have the power to grab visitors’ attention quickly. People expect to see the homepage first while visiting a website as it gives them the idea that what’s the site is all about. However, visitors often stay on a website for a very short time period and have a tendency to switch to other site, so a homepage must be good enough to make a good first impression!
Your business website’s homepage should:
  • Grab visitor’s attention
  • Create an excellent first impression
  • Conveys the value proposition
  • Summarise what your business provides
  • Have a call to action like link to a contact form, show the phone number or sign up to our newsletter, etc

  • Products & Services Page
After viewing your homepage, if interest is generated in the visitors then they will find out more about the products & services your business website has to offer. You can also add the link of your main product or service in the site’s navigation menu. This makes it a lot easier for the visitors to find what they’re looking for and enables you to track the best performing sections of the site.

  • About Us Page
People are always a bit curious about the persons with whom they’re doing business and wish to seek more information about the company owners and employees. People often like to know when the company was set up and started, also the past experience of other clients. Here, About Us page can serve as an excellent platform to express yourself and your business.

  • Subscription Page
People who visit your website and spend some time on it clearly reflects the fact they’re interested in the products or services offered by your company, so you shouldn’t waste any time in getting their details. You can either feature a small form that enables the visitors to sign up to the newsletter or ask for email addresses in exchange for free tutorials. All you need to ensure is to have a page on the site that increases your contact database.

  • Contact Page
Provide your website visitors with all the necessary information required to make a contact with you or your company. A contact page has details like address, email addressesBusiness Management Articles, telephone number or even a Contact Us form also.

Author: M Barnes
Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com