Top 7 Highly Searched Jobs Trends For Future In India

As India is transforming into a developing country the more and more job opportunities are provided and this is the top reason why presently trends are totally changed for future jobs search in India. so let’s explore more about top highly 7 searched jobs trends as per Current Trends and Future growth scenario.

  • About Job Trends In India
Every year, millions of freshers come out of colleges in India and the first thing come in their mind is to set up a job by searching them to make their own future bright. Adding to this panic is the scenario of global downturn in economy, which has already shown its adverse impact on diverse sectors. However, amidst all these questions and turmoil, there is a relief for the seekers of jobs in India. The job market in India has not been hit by this meltdown to that extent. The biggies or the topnotch companies are still hunting for fresh talents and recruiting them.
  • Key Challenges
The employment search task actually requires lots of new challenges. The usual “classified” type of online job portals is are really common. Many of them are not comfortable making a CV and even when they are, employers are much more keen on evaluating job seekers for these roles on soft skills and preferences, which are difficult to obtain from a regular CV. Employers are looking for solutions which help them filter and select “suitable” and “interested” candidates for the interview process.
  • New Opportunities
Therefore exciting opportunities in Employment Marketplaces are likely to be in:
  1. Providing scalable solutions in the mass recruitment segment which will see nearly 100 million young people joining the workforce.
  2. Integrating value-added services, to better match job seekers and employers in the mass recruitment segment, and perhaps even in the white-collar segment. This would include assessment of skills and pre-screening of candidates for employers based on various factors such as preference of location, salary and their overall intent to join.
  • Job Trends In Indian Metros
The employment opportunities in India are still wide and diverse. Hiring process is not affected, though a panic was created due to financial crisis in other countries. Recently, fresh enlisting is happening in Indian metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The job market is abuzz with openings in KPO sectors for finance and banking services. This is indeed pleasant news for the freshers from commerce background.
  • Future Scenario And Growth
Here’s we get an idea about growth and increased competition that is relatively under-served mass recruitment or employment section. To supply this job thing, one cannot employ a high touch recruitment model, just because the commercial dynamics and the speed of response expected by employers do not allow such luxuries.
  • The Scope Of A Developer
An enthuse person will surely as a developer is only the one that loves programming and makes the most out of it. With working knowledge of SQL, Core Java and any scripting language, a developer can expect to find jobs in large numbers of companies. In addition to that, working knowledge of Hadoop related technologies like HBase, Hive or Flume helps in accelerating the growth of his career. The skills associated with this technology are getting distributed evenly in India or China because it is not limited to USA or UK. Along with HadoopArticle Search, the related technologies are increasing the demand for Hadoop professionals.
  • Opportunities And Salary
Looking at the ups and downs in market and The market is not a short-lived phenomenon and technologies are here to stay therefore this can also help one to get an idea of different trend for job search. The salaries have increased more than 3% in the last year for people with expertise in big-data related language. Companies are also betting big on professionals that can play better roles in their competitive plans.

Author: Jain Priya
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