Are You Saving Gas by Driving Slower?

The recommended speed to drive is from 40 mph to 50 mph, in order for a car to use up optimum gas. Once you drive at over 50 mph speed, the car engine uses more fuel so it can go faster.

Movies about fast cars may influence you to drive aggressively and extremely fast. But, doing this will get you a speeding ticket, and will increase the gas consumption. Driving slower in fact save you fuel, but driving your car too slow will not, as it also increases the amount of gas consumed. Driving too fast increases the gas consumption between 5% and 33%. Basically, the gas consumption of a vehicle is determined by the how fast it is driven.

Driving Fast

There is a common notion that you get a greater gas mileage when driving on the highway compared to the city. However, many car owners believe that you get lesser gas consumption if your drive faster. But this applies only to a certain speed. If you are driving faster on the highway, there is more aerodynamic drag, which means that the vehicle requires more power to manage this level of resistance.

Driving Slower

Driving at a moderate speed, which ranges from 40 mph and 50 mph will save fuel. Now, this average speed varies based on the car model. By driving at a regulated speed, you are not pushing the car engine to perform harder. As a result, the engine consumes lesser gas, and the parts in the engine system receive lesser wear and tear. It is safe to say that driving within the average speed limit is beneficial for the car. LLC is a lower cost alternative to CARFAX. The company's mission is to make vehicle check reports for free!

Driving Too Slow

We consider that driving too fast is not good to an automobile, but do you also know that driving really slow is just as bad for it? If you are drive at about 20 mph within a 50 mph zone, the car is likely to use the same or more gas. Moreover, you are going to use the air conditioner or heater of your car for a longer time period when driving too slowly. This in turn requires more power from the car engine contributing to higher amount of gas consumption.

With regards to driving, everybody has a different idea. When in doubt, read the owner's manual of your carFree Web Content, as it can provide you with all the information you need regarding the model of your car.

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