Convert Your Blog into a SEO Machine

Are you a blogger?  The blog is not garnering enough readers? Do not worry! Wbwrk a website designing company in Mumbai makes use of the apt tools and process to get your blog its share of readers.

How does the blog post attract readers?
  • Sharing posts on social media
  • Distributing posts on email ids
  • Creating awareness through ads by buying Google or Facebook
  • Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
These options are the best, but if choosing only one then SEO is the best.
Below are 3 ways to change your website or word press blog in a search friendly traffic generator.

1. Install a good SEO plug-in1
Word press SEO by Yoast is free and a great solution. Firstly, install the plugin and remember that this is not all, many bloggers stop here. You need to understand that its strength is to use it with correct keywords and using it correctly.

2. Do keyword research.
Next step is to hop over to the Google keyword popularity tool and investing time in keyword research to understand how to avoid traffic with the right keywords. Always do a thorough research for usage of famous keywords.

              I suggest to create a free account on ad words or log in if you have an account, then look up for keywords which are most searched. You will get additional results if you add your city and state. Along with some ideas that are helpful for blog posts and what blogs demands are. Google will present the list of words that have already been searched previously. You can choose to export it to excel and delete extra columns, rank from best to least famous and save it for future reference.

3. Choose one keyword and then include it in your post permalink, title, and first sentence
A prime factor for SEO success is to have WordPress set to name the URL page as your name, which is changed in settings-permalink-post name. This will enable you to put the keyword in URL post also known as a permalink.

             Next is to use the default text for SEO title field which is the name of the page with blog name at the bottom of the page, now copy the first sentence of the post into the Meta description field. If it does not dictate good writing of keywords in the first sentence which happens usually, then paste on the blog that does not have the keyword in it or even write one that uses keywords and labels the post appealing readers to read.

          Ensure that the keyword included in the post is suitable, click to publish. But remember there are many steps that can help SEO grow, helping other articles.

Remember to offer plenty ways for readers to subscribe. Social media here helps. If unable to convert them to subscribers through email or RSS or not viewing your new postsFeature Articles, they may not return to your blog site. The SEO has chances of bringing them to your blog firstly or they may not come back. Remember these factors brought to you by experts in SEO Services Mumbai and execute.

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Author: CarolineMurphy