Things That Impact Electricity Consumption in Air Conditioners

It’s not only the energy star rating of your AC but a number of other factors too that affects the electricity consumed by your air conditioner.

While summer is on, you constantly look out for ways to beat the heat. You cannot do without a glass of chilled water once you enter your home after a long and hectic day. And above all, this is that season of the year when you prefer having an AC turned on for almost the entire day, and that’s when you are too worried about your upcoming electricity bill.

No doubt, it’s worth buying an air conditioner that consumes the least amount of electricity. But, that’s not the only factor that impacts your overall electricity consumption. Read below for a few more:
  • Air Conditioner's Age
You may probably own the best air conditioning system, one that’s known to consume less amount of power. But, it’s been hanging there on the wall for almost a decade now and isn’t quite offering the performance that it used to, a couple of years ago. Lately, you have been witnessing a slight rise in the electricity bills. Call in a service guy and get the AC checked thoroughly. Or, you might probably want to replace it with a new Videocon air conditioner, which is, in fact, a good idea.
  • The Size of the Room
The overall size of the room in which the AC is fitted has a huge impact on the amount of electricity that is consumed. Keep in mind that an AC cools the room by pushing out the heat and humidity. So, to cool a large room an air conditioner will run for longer duration and will consume more energy.
  • The Brand Name
Many people believe that brand name has got nothing to do with the efficiency of a product in question. Well, that may seem true but only to an extent. There are innumerable brands that claim to offer the most energy efficient ACs, but only a few of them such as Videocon hold a strong base to their claims. Therefore, it makes sense short-listing a few known brands and their models. To be sure, you must look out for public reviews online and find out if anyone on the Internet is complaining about electricity consumption issues with the model that you intend to buy.
  • Other Appliances
A kitchen is a place where most of your home appliances are placed, and some of them produces heat, for instance, your refrigerator, mixer, and of course the microwave. As a result, the kitchen turns out to be the hottest spot in your home. So, an air conditioner will have to work harder, thus consuming more electricity, to cool this area of the house.
  • Other Factors
These are just some of the factors that largely impact electricity consumption in air conditioners. Some other factors include the number of people present in a room, climate, and the city that you live in.
SoFree Web Content, make sure to keep these pointers in mind while you plan to buy a brand new AC.

Author: Sumeet Dahiya
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