Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil To Treat Dandruff Naturally

Hylix oil is the best ayurvedic hair care oil that can treat dandruff naturally. The ayurvedic formula of this oil can cure hair problems in an effective manner.

With increase in impurities in water and air, health of hair is decreasing day by day. Harmful micro-particles go inside scalp and affect the healthy process of keratin production. Also, these particles imbalance the natural pH balance of scalp and cause either dryness or oiliness and in both cases, dandruff happens. White flakes attached to hair show the presence of dandruff and when this problem becomes severe, it also leads to falling of eye lashes. Lack of nutrients in body and slow organ functions are the main causes of poor health of hair. Due to less keratin production, hair length increases very slowly and they do not grow at all when pores are closed due to unhealthy scalp. This causes space between hairs and leads to baldness in men. Aging is also a countable factor which is responsible for poor quality of hairs. 

Using remedies at home can help one to get shiny black hair but it takes a lot of time and efforts and also different hair type needs different recipes for hair mask. Using herbal oil can help one to get relief from such tiring and time consuming processes. One can use Hylix oil which is the most effective ayurvedic hair care oil that keeps hair healthy irrespective of the age. Powerful ingredients of this oil improve functions of sebaceous glands which produce keratin and make hair. Actually it is dead keratin cells attached together that comes out of scalp which we call hair. Healthy keratin loaded with nutrients provides shiny and silky hair. This oil goes deeply into scalp and increases blood circulation to speed up supply of antioxidants and essential nutrients. This oil maintains pH balance in scalp to protect one from infections and bacterial and fungal attack. 

One does not need to scratch head due to eczema or itching in scalp. This ayurvedic hair care oil contains Neem, Henna, Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai and Kalonji. These herbs provide proper moisturization to scalp, keep away dandruff and stop formation of dead cells which fall from head in the form of white flakes. This saves one from embarrassment and also from severe consequences like pimples, loss of eye lashesPsychology Articles, etc. 

1. Neem - It possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which treat infections in scalp effectively and gives relief from itching and small bumps. 
2. Henna - Leaves of this herb are dried to make powder which then in paste form is used as a hair mask. It effectively conditions hair and provides needed moisturization which keeps hair soft and silky. 
3. Amla – It contains vitamin-C which is not only beneficial for health but also gives black color to hairs. It helps in healthy production of keratin which increases length of tresses naturally. 
4. Bhringraj - This herb has the ability to activate dull cells and poor sebaceous glands which then helps in growth of hairs at bald spots by opening the closed pores. 
5. Shikakai - This powerful ingredient of ayurvedic hair care oil adds shine and smoothness to hairs due to which hairs become velvet soft. 

6. Kalonji- This herb promotes grip of follicles on keratin and thus prevents hair fall. 

Use this ayurvedic hair care oil for 3 to 4 months regularly to treat dandruff naturally and get rid of hair problems. This oil is suitable for all kind of hair types and protects hair from all weather conditions.

Author: Sanjeet Malu
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