Australia is increasing its immigration numbers

Australia wishes to encourage immigration of South Indian students to its country. It’s because it believes that they are very intelligent and can make immense contributions to the economy after completing their studies here.

The immigrants to Australia have also been increasing due to the openness of this country regarding the ethnicity of immigrants. Currently, 5 lakhs Indians are residing in Australia, out of which 2, 50,000 are there for excursion purposes and the rest for work reasons. This is the reason why the popularity of Hindi has been on a rise there. Even Hinduism as a religion has been getting quite a lot of popularity.

However, there have been efforts by the Australian government to eliminate illegal immigration into this country. These people become victims of human smugglers and then lose their lives in vain in an attempt to enter Australia through the sea. The Australia immigration procedures are quite simple. In fact, there has been a rise in the numbers of Australian immigration from India.

The Australian immigration authorities want to increase the immigration numbers of skilled laborers under general skilled migration (189). That’s why it’s important to understand the categories under which a candidate can score points. These points are age, language proficiency, Australian work experience and the experience in India. A candidate who has eight years overseas experience in India and no experience in Australia can get 15 points. If a candidate is showing both Australian and Indian work experience, in his resume, he can’t get more than 20 points. With an 8 years work experience in AustraliaScience Articles, a candidate can earn up to 20 points.

Author: Nancy Damon
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