Boondi Ladoo Recipe

Bondai Ladoo is a very popular sweet in India. It come under those sweet recipes or foods that Indian serves their Gods during their rituals and even on day to day worship.....

Boondi Ladoo requires a little bit effort and trick to make perfect Boondi Ladoo at home. The main part of this ladoo recipe is to make perfect round shape tiny ball or bundi. Do not worry, I will tell you each step and trick so that you will not face any problem so please read my instructions carefully....
  1.     Gram flour - 3 cups
  2.     Water - 1+3/4 cups
  3.     Baking powder - a big pinch
  4.     Yellow food colour
  5.     Red food colour
  6.     Green food colour
  7.     Chopped dry fruits
  8.     Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
  9.     Rose water - 1 tsp(optional)                         


  1.     Sugar - 3 cups
  2.     Water - 1+1/2 cup
  3.     Saffron thread - a pinch(optional)
  • At first make sugar syrup using sugar and water.You can add saffron thread in it also.
  • In bowl mix gram flour, baking soda, and water leave it for 5 minutes.
  • In two other small bowls pour 2- 2tbsp batter and mix red colour in one bowl, green colour in second bowl and yellow colour in big bowl.
  • Now in a kadhai heat ghee/oil to deep fry bundis. To check the consistency of batter with the help of a knife pour one-two drops of batter in hot ghee if it forms ball like shape then it is perfect but if it is making tail shape bundis then your batter is too thick so add 1-2 tsp water in it and if your bundis flatten then it means your batter is thin then add 1 tsp gram flour in it and mix it properly. Now again check your batter consistency if it is perfect then go ahead to make Boondi Ladoo.
  • Take one big hole puniya (ladle with hole). Pour some amount of batter in it and deep fry bundis.
  • With the help of another puniya take fried bundis out and transfer it to warm sugar syrup(add kesar in it).
  • Each time you pour bundis in oil clean your puniya properly from both sides.
  • In this way deep fry all bundis and transfer it to sugar syrup. Now mix chopped dry fruitsFree Articles, cardamom powder and rose water in it and make Boondi ladoo from it.
  • Your Boondi Ladoo is ready to serve enjoy it with your family and friends.
Author: Riyashish
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