What is Gmail & its Feature & issue

This article is about Gmail what is the best features of gmail ,why it is beter to other emails,its issues and how to resolve it ,here we have described all think in this article .

One art that we continue to learn until death is communication. During our childhood period, we’re trained on how to communicate well. While we reach our professional lives, we acknowledge importance of e-mail communication. Now everything in business depends on this form of communication. It’s important to know about brands that are famous in sponsoring it. Gmail is undoubtedly one of the best web mail service brand gifted to us by none other than one & only Google. For nearly a decade Gmail is in this business. It’s a stand out player in all aspects. Its attraction, marketing, robust services, amazing features intimidate rival competitors.

Talking about its creation, Paul Buchheit is key person behind it. It’s written in JavaScript. Gmail was unleashed on April 1, 2004. It’s available in 72 languages. You’ll be surprised by fact that there’re 425 million & above subscribers registered with Gmail. Super stunning features like enormous storage space up to 30 TB, spam filtering, integration with Google+, voice chat interface, search, payment options & more are embedded with Gmail in one way or another. All Gmail subscribers are fortunate enough to enjoy them any time. One billion installations were made for Gmail application from Google Play Store.     
Despite of all these accolades still one thing that remains common is emergence of technical troubles while mailing. Password related problems are known to everyone but transform into complex if immediate action is not taken on time. Safely operating Gmail accounts in era of hacking seems impossible task. Passwords are lost unintentionally due to complex environments or non-usage of Gmail account for longer period. Bugs are smart enough to modify account settings to haunt innocent subscribers. It’s a conclusion that Gmail facility also falls prey to technical flaws. If you’re also facing similar issues or different one then simply dial Gmail technical support phone number. This will benefit you as premium quality assistance will be delivered from independent third party solution provider better known as Gmail technical support.

Gmail tech support is proving ground as certified technicians are appointed to help you against all Gmail account complications. You’re heartily welcome to contact them by dialling Gmail technical support phone number. Their services are exclusively available round the clock. These technicians have undergone genuine training with lifetime of experience in troubleshooting all Gmail blockades. It’s a sincere request to consult with Gmail tech support. You’re entitled to experience troubleshooting excellence through Gmail technical support. 

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